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Prenatal + Postpartum + Pediatric - home techniques for the most common pain conditions

A course designed to live your best pain free life in pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Expert advice from dozens of doctors and other health professionals.

You'll get :

+ pain relieving home techniques

+ discussions with 17+ health professionals

+ yoga routines and exercise videos for common pain conditions


What People Are Saying:

I love Dr. Jesse’s perinatal and postpartum course and the resources it gives new moms. As a new mom and a pelvic health Physical Therapist, I think I take for granted the tools that I have that I am able to apply to my body during and after pregnancy that help my body continue to feel good. And then I realize that most moms don’t always have these tools to help them address the common aches and pains that come up during pregnancy that are often considered by the medical community to be “common” but are definitely not normal. And not only do they not have these tools, being referred to these resources from medical providers is often too slow or non-existent and women are left to their own devices to get the care they need. That is where this course comes in. You learn these simple tools, as well as learning about all the resources and providers that are out there to help you through your postpartum journey. You get to learn all the things you didn’t know you didn’t know! Especially in a time that can be so vulnerable and overwhelming, having some things you can do RIGHT NOW to help you AND your baby to adjust to your new life together, knowing that there is additional help out there if you need it, is a priceless resource.

Elissa C.

Not every pregnancy is the same and this course has been an incredible resource for my second pregnancy. I'm having pain and issues with this pregnancy that I didn't have the first time around and the stretching and yoga sections have been incredibly helpful in relieving those pains. After just a few days of routine stretches I learned from this course, my back and hip pain has significantly reduced. Though I'm across the country from Dr. Jesse and her amazing team, I feel like this course gives me access to some of the best experts in the business and the assistance I need without even needing to be in the same state (though I wish I was!). Whether it's your first, second or third pregnancy, this course is a must!

Kat D.

I can not say enough good things about Chiro For Moms comprehensive, thorough and personalized Prenatal + Postpartum + Pediatric's course! This course is stacked full with a wide variety of valuable information and knowledge from top experts with invaluable resources. Not only did I learn some incredible information by taking this course, but I am so thankful to now have this course to offer all of our birth clients now and in the future. The course covers important topics we always mention to our clients and include the experts we refer our clients to, but this course now makes the knowledge more accessible and affordable for so many more women! For starters, it covers all the common pain related symptoms moms experience during pregnancy and how chiropractic and at home exercises and techniques can help alleviate those pains. It then goes on to cover your postpartum journey by discussing relatable recovery experiences and provides care and instruction through chiropractic care, physical therapy, yoga and pilates. And then last but definitely not least, the course covers common pediatric symptoms and things we can do to help our babies transition to life outside of the womb. This course also provides education surrounding nutrition, massage, acupuncture, strength training and all of the prenatal, postpartum and pediatric benefits. I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about getting pregnant, currently pregnant, or on their postpartum journey.

Stephanie S.

Comprehensive, streamlined and user friendly. Everything you need (and didn’t know you needed) and nothing you don’t. Prenatal to 4th trimester and beyond, the easy to digest content and incredible instructors personalize the whole experience.

Katie P.

I am thrilled about this comprehensive course as a resource for my mama clients! It's packed with valuable info. Dr. Jesse and team are a wealth of valuable, expert knowledge and resources.

Jennie H.

This course has it all! It is jam packed with useful tips and tricks to help expecting moms get through as well as recover from birth. I thoroughly enjoyed the course as I had issues with my round ligament throughout my second pregnancy. Taking this course not only helped me with my round ligament issue, it also provided useful tools that helped me recover faster. Couldn't have made it through without this course! Thank you Chiro for Moms!

Kirsten S.

This course was instrumental in my postpartum recovery and helped me avoid any nagging aches and pains, especially in my shoulders and neck from nursing. Jesse as well as all the instructors provide information in short segment videos - great for any time crunched mama or pregnant lady.

Allie N.

This is such a great resource! I'm pregnant for the first time and finding myself with several of the aches that they go over in this course. I've found the stretches and yoga videos really helpful. For me, the low back and rib pain sections have been the most pertinent. I haven't gone through the postpartum or pediatric material yet, but I have some time and will do that soon so I'm prepared! They're also continuing to add new content so I'm pumped to see what's to come!


Being in the middle of my pregnancy I have done a ton of research on helpful tools and guides that I can reference during the next few months and this guide is by far the most helpful. I could spend hours at a time writing down notes from all the videos and resources they provide. To be honest I am surprised by how much information they have in this guide, you truly don't see a lot of resources cover SO many topics so deeply. Thankful to have a one stop shop for all my questions!


This Perinatal Course is everything that I have been wishing for during my pregnancy! It has been so valuable to have a place where I can go anytime a new pain/discomfort shows up within my body (which is happening more and more frequently now at 26 weeks). I love how easy Dr. Jesse makes it to follow the stretches – and how effective they are – my groin pain quickly went away after only a few days of applying them! I also love the yoga classes that are designed for different parts of my body, and I appreciate these classes are short and easy to fit into my busy schedule. I can’t wait to keep digging into everything else in this course and I highly recommend this for any pregnant Mama out there – you and your body will be so glad you enrolled!

Elsie S.

This course was so helpful postpartum for me and my baby. I go back to different videos when different scenarios come up in life. There is so much to learn and this course makes it easy to know your body and your babys body. I wish I had this resource before my baby was born, but now I’ll be able to use what I’ve learned in my next pregnancy. Thanks Chiro for Moms!

Carli H.

Whether you're a first time mama or a mama of multiples, it never hurts to educate yourself. Chiro for Moms Perinatal course provides a wealth of information for moms throughout their entire pregnancy and postpartum. I loved the education approach to HOW your body works followed up by easy and practical solutions/guidance. The entire course was easy to understand and navigate. I recommend it to anyone at any point in their pregnancy journey.

Toni K.

I started this course at 3 months post-partum from my second baby, and use it as a supplement to my chiropractic and PT treatment. I particularly love the yoga exercises because they help me "tune in" to the neuromuscular retraining I'm doing after baby, and stretch in ways that are gentle with my still hyper-flexible joints. The courses are short enough to fit in to my life even with two little ones home and working, but still long enough to be effective. Especially in the age of quarantine when getting this help in person isn't a good option, the post-partum recovery help is so appreciated!

Amber G.